Tumbling and Cheer Classes

If you want to improve your tumbling skills and be a part of your school’s spirit squad, Oconee Gymnastics Center can help you succeed! We will teach you what it takes to try out for your school’s competitive team or our OC Elite Cheer Team.

Our Tumbling for Dancers classes focus on acrobatic and tumbling skills that can be performed on a hard floor. However, the classes are conducted on a spring floor.

Choose a Class Below and Enroll Today

Enrolling in any class or waitlist is a $40 registration fee ($50 max per family). The monthly tuition considers closings and is drafted on the first of every month. If you enroll mid-month, your first tuition payment with be prorated. Once online registration is complete, your child's first class is the next class day/time you enrolled into.

Classes are held once a week, though, in some months, you may have three or five classes in a month. Depending on availability, you may change the day/time of your child's class by contacting the office.

Our program is year-round and continuous with ongoing enrollment unless you inform us via email by the 15th of the month that you would like to cancel your child’s enrollment. To get more information, please email us