Gymnastics Center / Ninja World


Oconee Gymnastics Center / Ninja World


Our Motto

Gymnastics and cheer athlete’s talents may not be equal, but each athlete deserves to be equally loved and coached.

Quality Classes

Our athletes rank highly in all local, state, and regional competitions. We give the same amount of attention to all children all the time. Our facility in Watkinsville, Georgia is designed for excellent climate control and has separate classes and team areas.


July 4th-July 6th

August 1st-August 3rd

Labor Day August 30th-September 2nd (Classes resume on September 3rd)

October 31st 4PM and after classes will not meet

Thanksgiving November 24th-November 30th (Classes resume December 2nd)

Christmas December 16th-January 5th (Classes resume January 6th; Active members may come to 3 make-up open gyms during the break)


Oconee Gymnastics and Cheer is more than just a center to develop competitive athletes. OGC is a place where teammates become family. Oconee develops athletes in a healthy, caring, and fun environment, while also keeping their teams competitive. Whether cheer, ninja, or gymnastics, Oconee is the place to be. 

Stella loves OGC & all the wonderful coaches and enjoys coming to the practice every day. She gets very upset when we bring her to the gym late. 

We, the parents, also love OGC because it’s not only built our little Stella strong and excel in Gymnastic skills, but it also provides a sense of value, charisma, discipline, respect, compassion, and empowerment to each gymnast. 

Because of a great gymnastics Center like OGC & all the coaches paying attention to details, our daughter is able to excel in her skills in a short period of time & able to place at the top.  Most of her teammates also received 1st and 2nd place in their age groups as well.