Ninja Sport Classes for Children

The Oconee Gymnastics Center’s Ninja and NinGym sports disciplines combine the coordination from gymnastics, strength, and agility from obstacle training, creativity from freestyle movement, and discipline from martial arts.

This is a must for kids interested in excelling in all sports!

Oconee Ninja World’s Progression System

As our students participate and level up their skills in class, they will earn new wristbands in our progression system. For every class and colored wristband, students will train in four focus areas:


We will train on fundamental movements and functions to enhance overall fitness and increase their ability to complete obstacles and challenges.


We will work on strength-based obstacles commonly seen on American Ninja Warrior. We will also train on gymnastics-style strengthening movements.


We will train on parkour-style obstacles to improve flow and mobility in all motions.


We will focus on the fundamentals of aerial and gymnastics-style of movements, from handstands to flips and everything in between.

Preschool Ninjas and Ninja Stars

These classes are designed to prepare children for sports activities. We help them develop strength, power, flexibility, coordination, and speed.

Our coaches also focus on other fundamentals of movement (i.e., running, jumping, climbing, balance, and agility).


NinGym Classes

These classes for 6 to 17-year-old kids fuse ninja skills along with traditional gymnastic and acrobatic tricks and kicks and leaps in a safe and friendly environment. The focus is on acrobatics and vaults. Ninja Stars will progress into NinGym classes.

Enrollment Policies

Enrolling in any class or waitlist is a $40 registration fee ($50 max per family). The monthly tuition considers closings and is drafted on the first of every month. If you enroll mid-month, your first tuition payment with be prorated. Once online registration is complete, your child's first class is the next class day/time you enrolled into.

Classes are held once a week, though, in some months, you may have three or five classes in a month. Depending on availability, you may change the day/time of your child's class by contacting the office.

Our program is year-round and continuous with ongoing enrollment unless you inform us via email by the 15th of the month that you would like to cancel your child’s enrollment. To get more information, please email us