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General Notes: Gymnasts should attend every practice and come with a winning and work hard attitude.  Only wear a one piece leo.  Meet week, no gym shorts and they MUST attend all the practices of meet week.  I want the gymnasts to practice as they are competing.
Make note from season to season tuition may increase, even if your on the same level. There is an annual $30 registration fee per child that will be billed on June 1st. Tuition is due monthly for one year of competition season. The Pre-team/Team season is June 1st until the end of May each year. I understand that Team and Pre-team enrollment is year long commitment. Competition and uniform fees are non-refundable. 10% Discount for each additional child on Team.

 FOOD = FUEL...PLEASE have your gymnasts only bring healthy snacks/food and drinks to the gym. Candy and unhealthy carbs and drink (other than water or veggie/fruit smoothie) only make them sluggish and will not help their gymnastics. No cookies, goldfish, cheese its, chips, etc.

CELL PHONES...Remind your gymnast that cell phones are not to be played with in the locker room and are to placed in the cell phone bucket in the gym. The locker room break is for a quick drink and snack. They are encouraged to video tape themselves and each other during practice to document their skills/progress. They are permitted to call parents as well.