For Ages 3 years through 6 years.  Children will learn all the fundamentals of tumbling and gymnastics (proper form and basics).
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ENROLLMENT POLICIES: There is a $40 registration fee ($50 max/family). Monthly tuition is based on forty-eight classes per year and is drafted on the 1st of every month. If you enroll mid-month your first tuition payment will be prorated. Classes are one day per week (some months you may have 3 or 5 classes. Some holidays open gym will be substituted for class). You may change the day/time of your child's class at any time if there is room in another class. Our program is year-round and continuous with ongoing enrollment unless you notify us by email that you would like to cancel your child's enrollment by the 15th of the month. If you have questions that were not answered on our website please email us.

Some of the skills the Pre-School classes below will work on will be: 
-Arms circles and hurdles on vault
-Chin hold on bars
-Feet placement and walking on beam
-Forward and backward rolls
Please make note: Some pre-school age children may want to leave class and check in with caregiver.  ALL caregivers must remain in the downstairs lobby in case your child needs you.  This class is not babysitting.  IF you need to leave the building for any reason, please let the coach know as well as the front desk manager.  Thank you.
Some of the skills the classes below will work on will be: 
-Arm circle hurdle jump on vault
-Chin-up pullover on bars
-Forward and backward kicks on beam
-Handstands and cartwheels