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All-Star cheer is a competitive, team activity that includes a 2 1/2 minute routine combining tumbling, stunts, jumps, dance/motions and performance/showmanship.  The All-Star industry is governed by an organization known as the United States All Star Federation, USASF.  The USASF sets routine guidelines, experience levels and age groups in order to allow teams to compete against other teams of similar age and ability levels. The teams will compete in Local and National Competitions. There is a monthly tuition fee to be on a team and team payment that is explained in the Tryout Packet. There is also an enrollment fee to begin. If you have previously trained with OGC's OCElite team, you are not responsible for this enrollment fee. A 1 time assessment does not count. We are planning on including 1-2 new teams this year.

For more information Please click here for the 2019 Clinic & Tryout Packet. Details and links to register online are in the package.


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Elite Flyer Class openings are limited. This class is a Level 4-6 All Star athlete or an experienced competitive school athlete that is wanting to pursue an All Girl or a Co-Ed cheerleading team in college. Flyers wishing to enter this class will have a high level of flying experience. A one time assessment may be appropriate to determine if the athletes level of flying experience is appropriate for the safety of this class. The decision will be made by the director of Performance Cheerleading Academy. This class will be small with a 3-4 flyers to a stunt group. Our coaches are experienced and will be following firm safety measures. There is a enrollment fee to begin of $30. If you are or have been in a class or team with Performance Cheerleading Academy, the enrollment fee does not pertain to you.

The other two classes below are a great benefit for girls wanting to improve their All Girl / Co-Ed stunt capabilities such as teamwork, verbal communication, technique, flexibility and balance. Stunts and baskets are performed by coaches and students with firm safety measures. Please know that stunts usually range from beginner to Advanced stunts. This class will also benefit an athlete that is interested in the co-ed stunt class to build the skills to progress to meet the qualifications for the next level.


Private Lessons are designed for current competitive cheerleaders who may want or need extra one-on-one help in achieving a specific skill or a variety of skills. Performance Cheerleading Academy is for those who are trying out or currently on a competitive cheer team. Click below to request All-Star private lessons.

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Request All Star Private Lesson Request 30 Min 30.00
Request All Star Private Lesson Request 60 min 60.00


Without the right choreography, no amount of talent will make you stand out from your competition. Your choreography can mean the difference between placing at a competition and going home empty handed. At OGC's Performance Cheerleading Academy, we pride ourselves on developing outstanding choreography and spend hours training and learning all current trends in cheer and dance.

If your group is in need of a winning routine, our team of expert choreographers will come to you and work with your team on site. We will create a routine that will make your team shine by enhancing their natural talents. Let us and our team of expert choreographers create a routine that will put you on the map.

In addition to having the most innovative choreographers in the country, we strive to always do the best possible job. Our enthusiastic teaching method and willingness to work with your team will impress you beyond belief. All our work is backed by our reputation of excellence – there’s no better guarantee to be found.

We have the ability and years of experience and knowledge to choreograph routines for all levels of cheerleading from youth to collegiate teams.

Oconee Gymnastics & Cheer's All-Star Cheer team, OC Elite, is becoming the strongest, fastest growing successful all star cheer program of its type in Oconee County and surrounding areas. We have taken pride is building healthy, physically fit, and confident cheerleaders in a safe environment. Our cheerleaders learn about sportsmanship, working together towards goals, and striving to win. The teamwork athletes learn from our program is a valuable lifelong lesson.

The Oconee All-Star Cheerleading team is now the largest in the surrounding area and are excited to see what 2019-2020 brings.