If you want to acquire the skills necessary to tryout for our OC Elite Cheer Team, your school’s competitive team, a spot on your school's basketball/football spirit squad or simply want to improve your tumble skills, OGC has the classes that will help you succeed!
Tumbling for Dancers focuses on acrobatic and tumbling skills which can be performed on a hard floor, although the classes are conducted on a spring floor.

If your child is curious about Cheerleading and Tumbling but you don’t want to pay the costs or afraid of travel, this is for you! 

Looking for all experience levels ages 5-18 years old for half year competitive team (2 local comps or in house comps will be decided)
Monthly cost $175 (includes tumbling)
2 practices/week (FREE Open Gym)

Practice begins 11/9-5/12 (you pay 5 months due to Thanksgiving, Christmas & Spring Break) ALL coaches and staff wear masks.
Monday 6pm-7:30pm
Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm

Enroll today by choosing a class below.
There is a $30 registration fee ($40 max/family). Monthly tuition is based on forty-eight classes per year and is drafted on the 1st of every month. If you enroll mid-month your first tuition payment will be prorated. Classes are one day per week (some months you may have 3 or 5 classes). You may change the day/time of your child's class at any time if there is room in another class. Our program is year-round and continuous with ongoing enrollment unless you notify us by email that you would like to cancel your child's enrollment by the 15th of the month. If you have questions that were not answered on our website please email us.