Cost: $225 for up to 20 children ($7 per child over 20). $225 is due in full at time of booking. No refunds given within 4 weeks of party date. You may arrive 15-30 minutes early to set up.

Parties include:
· Party instructor to supervise the children (adults follow the caution below)
· 1½ hours in a designated area in our facility. As OGC is a very large facility you will NOT have use of entire facility. 
· Neutral paper goods (table covers are included, cake plates, cups, napkins & forks/spoons)

OGC table sizes: 2-30x60 and 1-30x72 banquet tables for participants and 1-30x72 and 1-30x96 for food/cake 

ONW table sizes:  4 30x72 banquet tables (3 for participants and 1 for food/cake)

Parents are only permitted in the gym for parent participation classes led by an instructor and supervised open gym with preschool and toddlers. Please be aware of uneven surfaces in the gym. We ask that children do not wear socks to prevent slipping on mats. If parents/adults decide to enter into the gym for any other reason they assume all risk. Adults are NOT permitted on any equipment including trampolines and pits, doing so willingly violates safety policy. NO ONE is allowed on team equipment. Adults must also wear socks. This caution is posted throughout the parent viewing area.