COVID-19 Protocols

OGC's and ONW's first priority is our children.  Below are some of the protocols we have adopted to ensure the safety of our students and staff. We may change protocols from time to time as we see a need.

All coaches wear masks and self-monitor. 

We have a sanitation station upon entry of each building. 

Both facilities are sanitized nightly and disinfected through the day.  

Water fountains are not operational; however, we have purchased water filling stations to refill water bottles.

Parents need to check their child’s temperature prior to coming to class.

As a courtesy to others we encourage parents to wear masks as they enter and exit the building. If you choose to view your child’s class, please maintain a minimum of six feet from others. In the event too many parents are in the viewing areas we reserve the right to ask parents to wait outside.

If a student exhibits COVID-19 symptoms they will be separated while waiting for their parents.