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Snowflake Classic

Excel Gymnastics and cheer
80 Boulderbrook Circle
Lawrenceville GA 30045

FREE……..5 under
$3.00… Programs

Level 4
Saturday, January 27, 2018 USA 4
Session: 1
Open Warmup 9:00 AM
Timed Warmup 9:30 AM
Competition 9:50 AM
Awards 12:30

Xcel Gold
unday, January 28, 2018 USA Silver & Gold
Open Stretch 8:00 AM
Timed Warmup 8:30 AM
Competition 8:45 AM
Awards 11:30 AM

Aau Level 1 and 2
Sunday, January 28, 2018 AAU 1,2
Open Stretch 11:30 AM
Timed Warmup 12:00 PM
Competition 12:15 pm
Awards 2:45 PM

Aau Level 3
Sunday, January 28, 2018 AAU 3
Open Stretch 3:00 PM
Timed Warmup 3:30 PM
Competition 3:40 pm
Awards 5:00 pm

Team and individual pictures- Will be done by Chasidy Roysden (email: phone: (770) 286-2585). You will schedule time with her for individual pictures. 


February 16th- Gym Dog pre-show performance  THERE ARE NO COMPETITIONS WHEN WE ARE IN THE PRE-SHOW ALL TEAMS WILL BE participating (rehearsals will just be done at the end of several practices)

General Notes: Gymnasts should attend every practice and come with a winning and work hard attitude.  Only wear a one piece leo.  Meet week, no gym shorts and they MUST attend all the practices of meet week.  I want the gymnasts to practice as they are competing.

 FOOD = FUEL...PLEASE have your gymnasts only bring healthy snacks/food and drinks to the gym. Candy and unhealthy carbs and drink (other than water or veggie/fruit smoothie) only make them sluggish and will not help their gymnastics. No goldfish or cheese its or chips.