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What is Pre-Team

Pre-Teams are designed to teach discipline, strength and skills to girls who love gymnastics and want to learn more with like minded gymnasts. The primary objective of a pre-team program is to provide your daughter with the necessary foundation to perform for competitive gymnastics in the future. The main focus will be on developing strength, flexibility, and reinforcing the proper body positions to perform complex gymnastics skills when on team.

To be on team, the gymnast must be a good listener and able to take corrections.  Team consists of condition and dedication.  IF you feel that your daughter nor your family can commit the time and resources, staying on Pre-Team or going to Gym Stars (a competitive Pre-team) may be a good option.  Some girls begin team as young as 6 years old and some girls begin team as old as 12 years



If your daughter goes to OCPS/OCES or to the OC Rec department, we can pick up.  Working parents always car pool, we have the BEST families who love to help each other.

L1 practice 4.5 hours/week M/W 3:45pm-5:45pm

L2 practice 6-6.5 hours/week T/TH/F 3:45-5:45 (2 of the nights, may stay until 6pm)

Levels 1-3 travel within Georgia with 1 meet to Savannah (this meet is always before St. Patrick's Day) They have 5 meets with a State meet.

You will learn all about team after you commit and we have our new parents meeting

Gymnastics, as with most competitive sports, is not cheap BUT on TEAM your daughter learns life skills and the basis for any sport she will ever play.

Current OGC Team Schedule (it varies year to year due to competition availability)


Katina Buffa, Owner (706) 247-3719 Email


UPCOMING EVENT DATES (Pre-teams follow class closings, not team schedule):

Annual Watkinsville Christmas Parade:
OGC is #57 look for our # past the train tracks on BARNETT SHOALS ROAD before Industrial Blvd (coming from Main Street Watkinsville)
in Watkinsville Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 11:00 a.m.
The parade will take place rain or shine and line up begins at 10:00 a.m.
OGC Gymnasts wear leo and complete warm up and sneakers
ALL adults walking wear an OGC t-shirt over a long sleeve red or green long sleeve shirt.  Pre-team/Team parents of those 7years and younger are encouraged to walk with us.

• Line up for the parade will begin at 10:00 a.m (please bring your gymnast no later than 10:15a.m) OGC has the largest walking group! along Barnett Shoals Road (Optionals in the front with the little pre-teamers in the back). The parade starts promptly at 11:00 a.m. It will begin at the intersection of Barnett Shoals and First Street, on the right hand side of the road, and continue west down to Southwire. Entries #30-38 (antique cars) will divert down Depot Street toward Greensboro Highway. Entries #60-78 (antique tractors) will divert down Industrial Boulevard (just after the railroad tracks) and turn down Industrial Drive.
• Numbers will be posted along the curb to help you locate your place in the line-up
• When you arrive in your area you will receive a number to place on the left side of your entry for judging.
• Do not block intersections or private driveways. Be especially careful in the area by the railroad tracks.
• Do not sound sirens or alarms around any animals.
Enterprise on Barnett Shoals and along the line-up to assist you and to answer your questions.
• Groups should car pool. You may drop your people off along Barnett Shoals, or park in the downtown Watkinsville area and walk over to Barnett Shoals.
• Parade spectators will not be allowed to park in the line up area or at The Oconee Enterprise/Blue Ridge Vet’s office. • All parking along Barnett Shoals is reserved for staging the
parade. The “Athens Seed” lot at Barnett Shoals and Depot Street and is available for parking. ENTER lot from Barnett Shoals by the white building.
• Portable toilets will be near the street at the entrance to The Oconee Enterprise and at the corner of Barnett Shoals Road and Industrial Boulevard.
Candy (your gymnast may bring a bag of candy, be sure to double bag so bag doesnt break or a clothe bag)
• PLEASE DO NOT THROW CANDY OR OTHER ITEMS INTO THE CROWD; for the safety of all, please HAND out candy. Avoid candy with sticks. However do not slow the parade while giving out candy.
Parade Route and Exiting
•Please be sure to keep moving so that we do not have any bottlenecks. DO NOT STOP ALONG THE PARADE ROUTE TO LET CHILDREN OFF FLOATS!!!
DO NOT PICK UP YOUR CHILDREN until Alicia, Bridget or Ericha is told
OGC gymnasts will be picked up on the corner of Eagle tavern (PAST Bells and Beus approaching Rocket Field, your child will be in the lawn of the backyard of Eagle Tavern until you arrive) you can call and text Alicia 706-201-1903 or Bridget 706-988-0907 with any questions that morning
Decorations & Awards
• All entries should be decorated for the holiday season. • Entries will be judged in the following categories:
• Best Use of Theme (Do You Hear What I Hear in Watkinsville)—Adult & Youth
(OGC can sing and bring bells)

This is the first parade I am missing in 13 years. I hope everyone has fun, waves and smiles bringing joy to everyone this Christmas season!

General Notes: Gymnasts should attend every practice and come with a winning and work hard attitude.  Only wear a one piece leo.  Meet week, no gym shorts and they MUST attend all the practices of meet week.  I want the gymnasts to practice as they are competing.

 FOOD = FUEL...PLEASE have your gymnasts only bring healthy snacks/food and drinks to the gym. Candy and unhealthy carbs and drink (other than water or veggie/fruit smoothie) only make them sluggish and will not help their gymnastics. No goldfish or cheese its or chips.