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The All-STAR TEAM practices will include competitive Pyramids, Stunts, Dance, and specifics such as Choreography, Motions, Movements, Transitions and Local and National Competitions.  Learn more


The Competitive Cheerleading Skills Classes are only offered to current competitive cheerleaders that want to learn and grow in their skills of competitive cheerleading. This encompasses running and standing tumbling, jumps and other skills that will make them one step closer to making the team that they desire to be on, or climbing to that skill level that's in sight. Click here for cheer classes offered to non-competitive cheerleaders.  Learn more


We offer Co-Ed Open Stunt and All-Girl Flyer/Stunt Classes to the current competitive cheerleader.  Stunts will be performed by coaches and students with firm safety measures. This class is a benefit for athletes who want to cheer in college.  Learn more


Private Lessons are designed for the current competitive cheerleader who may want or need extra help in achieving a specific skill or a variety of skills. Click here for private lessons offered to non-competitive cheerleaders.  Learn more

OGC's All-Star Cheerleading team, OC Elite, is becoming the strongest, fastest growing successful all star cheer program of its type in Oconee County and surrounding areas. We have taken pride is building healthy, physically fit, and confident athletes in a safe environment. Our athletes learn about sportsmanship, working together towards goals, and striving to win. The teamwork athletes learn from our program is a valuable lifelong lesson.

The Oconee All-Star Cheerleading team is now the largest in the surrounding area. We have doubled in size in one year and are excited to see what 2017-2018 brings. We began with 2 teams (level 1 and 3) in 2016-2017 and are proud to announce in 2018 we will have a level 2 and for the first time in Oconee County an ELITE LEVEL 4. This has never been achieved. We started this dream knowing the talent our community possess and with the hard work and faith we are there. All teams will compete in local and National competitions.